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LC Multiport Adapter

Sanwa’s LC Series includes an assortment of LC-type related products which include simplex, duplex, and uniboot connectors, adapters and more for single, multimode, and APC applications. The LC Series is small form factor (SFF), utilizing 1.25mm diameter optical ferrules. They offer high-density packaging and high-optical performance, and come with simplex, duplex, and quad ports, even when the SC adapter is cut out.


The Sanwa Multiport Adapter, also known as the LC 6-Port Adapter, is designed without flanges on either side of the adapter body. This makes possible side-by-side mounting, without wasting space. In addition, the LC Multiport helps maximize the density of the port on the panel, or minimize the panel space itself.


  • 6-port adapter designed without flanges on either side of the body
  • Maximizes density / minimizes panel space
  • Choice of phosphor bronze or zirconia split-sleeve
  • Comes with or without internal metal shutter

LC Multiport Adapter Inquiry