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Network Connectors and
Fiber Optic Solutions

Sanwa offers a wide range of network connectors and fiber optical solutions that continue to outpace the quality and capabilities of similar products on the market. From the most common optical fiber connectors to truly custom-developed fiber optical solutions developed specifically for your organization’s needs, Sanwa has you covered.

Fiber Optic Interconnects

Connecters, Adapters, and More

Sanwa offers the most advanced optical fiber solutions available. Compared to traditional fiber optic cables, connectors, and adapters. Sanwa’s fiber optic interconnect products offer up to 10X the performance and a wider variety of options and tools than comparable products today.

Assembly Service Tools


Sanwa offers a range of tools specially designed to accommodate the installation of Sanwa optical interconnect products. These tools are reliable, long lasting, and help speed up the assembly and installation process with ease.