NTT Presents a Certificate of Appreciation to SANWA

Sanwa was presented with a certificate of appreciation from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation for its contribution to the IEEE Milestone Certification.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (“NTT”) has been recognized by IEEE, the world’s largest academic society in the field of technology, as a world-renowned “IEEE Milestone” for its development of “Physical Contact Push-Pull Technology for Fiber Optic Connectors”.

Mr. Akira Okada, Ph. D., Vice President, Head of NTT Device Technology Laboratories visited the Sanwa’s Tokyo Head Office and presented a certificate of appreciation from Mr. Jun Sawada, President and Chief Executive Officer, Representative Member of the Board of NTT and a commemorative gift (Replica of the IEEE commemorative plaque) to Yasuo Ishii, President and CEO of Sanwa, for Sanwa’s contribution to the development and dissemination of the optical fiber connectors adopting physical contact push-pull fastening technology.

Physical contact connection technology, the core of optical connectivity solutions, is used in various types of optical connectors as an international standard (IEC 61755-3-1, IEC 61755-3-31, -32) and has become the de facto standard in optical communications worldwide. The SC connectors and MPO connectors that laid the foundations are widely used in the ever expanding global optical fiber networks from backbone networks and access networks to data centers.

We will continue to make concerted efforts to contribute to brightening the future of the world.

Certificate of Appreciation from NTT
Replica of the IEEE Commemorative Plaque
Right: Mr. Akira Okada, Ph.D., Vice President, Head of NTT Device Technology Laboratories
Left: Yasuo Ishii, President and CEO of Sanwa

Announcing SANWA’s Acquisition of Fiberon Technologies, Inc.

SANWA Denki Kogyo Expands Market Coverage and Product Offering with Acquisition of Fiberon Technologies, Inc. 

Combination of optical fiber connectivity leaders accelerates the technology advancements while expanding customer support in the global data center, telecom and broadband markets.

SANWA Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. (“SANWA” or the “Company”), a leader in technology and expertise for optical fiber connectivity products, announced today that it has completed acquisition of Fiberon Technologies Inc. (“FIBERON”), another leading provider of fiber optic network solutions.

FIBERON, founded in 1998, is a leading supplier of interconnect, advanced passive and active connectivity products for the optical fiber communications market.

“FIBERON has continuously delivered quality products with excellent service and speed as a trusted supply partner to its customers,” said Yasuo Ishii, President and CEO of SANWA. “Joining FIBERON’s advanced product lines and strategic geographical presence together with SANWA’s unparalleled engineering, manufacturing, and quality management will significantly expand the available product range and service reach for current customers and offer a powerful supplier partnership for optical communications industry worldwide.”

In addition to the expanded product offerings by both companies, SANWA’s in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities will now provide custom engineering and OEM sourcing options to FIBERON’s existing and new customers.

Mark W. Johnson, President and Director of FIBERON, added “In today’s ever-expanding telecom and data communications markets, competitive pricing, fast deliveries, high performance and quality/reliability are all increasingly important and critical to customers worldwide. We are excited to join SANWA at a time when the need for powerful engineering, manufacturing, supply capacities, and world-class expertise with a long-proven record has never been more important for companies supporting the fast-growing demands of global fiber optic communications.”

Excellence Accelerated; Together, SANWA and FIBERON will further strengthen our products and services thereby enhancing our customers’ businesses worldwide.


Established in 1947, Sanwa Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd., is a renowned leading manufacturer of communication equipment, servicing the global optical communications market. With over 74 years of innovation and engineering excellence, Sanwa continues its rich history of developing and manufacturing quality connectivity solutions and components to enhance the performance in optical networks of today and into the future.

SANWA is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has offices in Plano, TX USA and Hsinchu Taiwan, and two manufacturing locations in Japan and Thailand.

To learn more, visit SANWA’s website at (Global) / (HQ).


Since 1998, FIBERON has been designing, developing and delivering leading edge fiber optic products worldwide.  Founded by a highly respected and well-known fiber optic design engineer and featuring a management team with a long and distinguished career in fiber optics industry, FIBERON has expanded from its base as an OEM supplier of primarily interconnect products to a wide range of advanced passive and active products.

FIBERON is headquartered in Westborough, MA USA, and has offices in San Diego CA, Wroclaw Poland and Taipei Taiwan, as well as affiliated sales offices in Dubai and India. 

To learn more, visit FIBERON’s website at

Prioritizing Health & Safety

In observance of current Coronavirus (COVID-19) development, we wish everyone for their health and safety.  As a measure to prioritize the health and well-being of industry partners and team members alike, Sanwa has decided to withdraw from exhibiting at the OFC 2020.  Please continue to visit our website ( for New Product Announcements to see the latest products which were planned for introduction at OFC2020.

LC Pro-Slide Push Pull Connector

LC Pro-Slide Push Pull
LC Pro-Slide Push Pull

LC Pro-Slide Push Pull Uniboot Connector is the easiest in the industry to disengage from an LC adapter, high-density mounted panel. By moving the sliding mechanism backward, the push-pull uniboot depresses the latch, facilitating ultra-smooth and easy removal. This enables the highest density panel possible, as well as allowing a smaller panel size.



  • Sliding mechanism allows for ultra-smooth, easy removal
  • Enables highest density panel/smallest panel size possible
  • Choose from 2.0mm/3.0mm as well as short-length boot versions
  • SM/MM/APC optional
  • Flammability rating: UL94V-0
  • TIA/EIA IEC and Telcordia GR326 core standard compliance
  • Meets with RoHS and REACH

LC Uniboot Connectors

LC connectors

LC Connectors and adapters are widely adopted in today’s LAN and data center cabling to meet the growing demand for small form factor, and to achieve high density fiber connectivity. Sanwa’s LC products utilize 1.25mm diameter optical ferrules, in contrast to the SC Series, which use 2.5mm diameter ferrules. As a result, the LC Series offer high density packaging and high optical performance.

As the most compact of their kind in the industry, Sanwa’s LC Uniboot Connectors are available in single, multimode, and APC Applications. The extended longer latch on top of the connector body makes it easier to disengage from the adapter, even in high density packaging. In addition, Sanwa’s LC Uniboot Connectors utilize stainless stop-ring and crimp-ring structures to provide stronger retention force between connector and cable.

LC connectors



-Jumper and cordage 2.0mm and 3.0mm

-LC mini (5.25mm optical pitch) uniboot connector also available

-Variety of housing and boot colors to choose from

-Flammability rating: UL 94V-0

-TIA/EIA, IEC and Telecordia compliance

-Meets RoHS and REACH

LC Multiport Adapter Series

LC Multiport Adapter Series meet the growing demand for small form factor, high density packaging and high optical performance in duplex, quad, and 6-port adapter with the SC Footprint as LC Slim-Pack Adapters.

6-port adapter available in blue, aqua, beige, black, heather violet and green housing. The adapter offers laser protection built-in metal shutter as an option to help prevent eye injuries.

Introducing LC 12-port adapter concept for your HD solution with easy installation.                                 

Features & Benefits

No Flanges on either side of the adapter body

  • Allowing side-by-side mounting without wasting space                 
  • Maximize the density of the port on the panel or minimize the panel space itself

Rattle Less

  •  Providing a secure, vibration resistant fit

FTTH Conference 2019

FTTH Conference 2019 in Amsterdam, was a great success thanks to visitors like you! The FTTH Council Europe is an industry organization with a mission to accelerate the availability of fiber based, ultra high speed access networks to consumers and businesses. The Council promotes this technology because it will deliver a flow of new services that enhance the quality of life, contribute to a better environment and increase economic competitiveness. 

During the conference, we were amazed by the number of visitors to our booth and the amount of interests you all have shown us! We were thrilled to showcase our Lightwave Innovation award winning FTTH Solution/Application consists of SC Auto Shutter ConnectorAdapter, and Optical Wall Plate to bring professional- grade optical cable connections to any space. The SC Auto Shutter Adapter offers the highest level of dust and laser protection, and the Connector with laser protection prevents fiber end surface contamination. The Optical Wall Plate offers two designs: standard size and slim with splicing and without to complete a reliable FTTH subscriber end connection.

Some pictures from the show

OFC 2019

OFC-San Diego–the global communications community convened nearly 15,400 attendees from all around the world to introduce and demonstrate optical communications infrastructure from some of the top leading companies.

At this year’s OFC, we had the great opportunity to launch our newest product LC Pro-SlideX All in One Connector along with some of our concept products and showcased our Lightwave Innovation Reviews award winning FTTH products. Sanwa’s FTTH offering consists of our unique SC Connector with Auto-Shutter to protect ferrule end-face contamination and provide laser protection for subscribers. Used in combination with our Auto-Shuttered Adapters with dust and laser protection, Sanwa has been enabling ISP’s around the world with  Subscriber Installed FTTH service deployments.

Our show was a great success thanks to visitors like you! It was a pleasure to meet all of you and to introduce our newest technology and products. For more information on our products, please visit, and contact mktg@sanwa-us.comfor any questions.

Lightwave Reviews FTTH Award Winner

Sanwa is proud to announce our wining FTTH Solution from Lightwave Innovation Reviews 2019. Our winning products include  SC Auto Shutter Connector, Adapter and Optical Wall Plate to bring professional grade optical cable connection to any space.

The SC Auto Shutter Adapter offers the highest level of dust and laser protection, and the Connector with laser protection prevents fiber end surface contamination. The Optical Wall Plate offers two designs: standard size and slim with splicing and without to complete a reliable FTTH subscriber end connection.

Come see us at OFC at the San Diego Convention Center on March 5-7thBooth # 3139.