LC Pro-Slide Push Pull Connector

LC Pro-Slide Push Pull
LC Pro-Slide Push Pull

LC Pro-Slide Push Pull Uniboot Connector is the easiest in the industry to disengage from an LC adapter, high-density mounted panel. By moving the sliding mechanism backward, the push-pull uniboot depresses the latch, facilitating ultra-smooth and easy removal. This enables the highest density panel possible, as well as allowing a smaller panel size.



  • Sliding mechanism allows for ultra-smooth, easy removal
  • Enables highest density panel/smallest panel size possible
  • Choose from 2.0mm/3.0mm as well as short-length boot versions
  • SM/MM/APC optional
  • Flammability rating: UL94V-0
  • TIA/EIA IEC and Telcordia GR326 core standard compliance
  • Meets with RoHS and REACH

LC Uniboot Connectors

LC connectors

LC Connectors and adapters are widely adopted in today’s LAN and data center cabling to meet the growing demand for small form factor, and to achieve high density fiber connectivity. Sanwa’s LC products utilize 1.25mm diameter optical ferrules, in contrast to the SC Series, which use 2.5mm diameter ferrules. As a result, the LC Series offer high density packaging and high optical performance.

As the most compact of their kind in the industry, Sanwa’s LC Uniboot Connectors are available in single, multimode, and APC Applications. The extended longer latch on top of the connector body makes it easier to disengage from the adapter, even in high density packaging. In addition, Sanwa’s LC Uniboot Connectors utilize stainless stop-ring and crimp-ring structures to provide stronger retention force between connector and cable.

LC connectors



-Jumper and cordage 2.0mm and 3.0mm

-LC mini (5.25mm optical pitch) uniboot connector also available

-Variety of housing and boot colors to choose from

-Flammability rating: UL 94V-0

-TIA/EIA, IEC and Telecordia compliance

-Meets RoHS and REACH

LC Multiport Adapter Series

LC Multiport Adapter Series meet the growing demand for small form factor, high density packaging and high optical performance in duplex, quad, and 6-port adapter with the SC Footprint as LC Slim-Pack Adapters.

6-port adapter available in blue, aqua, beige, black, heather violet and green housing. The adapter offers laser protection built-in metal shutter as an option to help prevent eye injuries.

Introducing LC 12-port adapter concept for your HD solution with easy installation.                                 

Features & Benefits

No Flanges on either side of the adapter body

  • Allowing side-by-side mounting without wasting space                 
  • Maximize the density of the port on the panel or minimize the panel space itself

Rattle Less

  •  Providing a secure, vibration resistant fit

LC Pro-SlideX All-in-One Connector

Ideal for ultra high density data center applications with multitudes of functionalities.

Sanwa’s LC Pro-SlideX All-in-One Connectors offer a complete set of all-in-one features such as polarity change, push – pull tab, APC compatible, and simplified inventory control and cable production management.  LC LC Pro-SlideX All-in-One Connectors are most suitable for advanced data centers with accelerating demands for ultimate high density cable connectivities.

  • Tool-less reverse polarity
  • Push pull insertion and extraction
  • Push pull Tabs
  • APC compatible
  • SM, MM, APC types available
  • GR-326 CORE
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • UL94V-0 flammability grade