See what the President & CEO of Sanwa Electronics USA Corporation- Yasuo Ishii, has to say about the Next-Gen Network Connectivity and deep rooted commitment to offer exceptional network solutions world wide.

Next-Gen Network Connectivity

Delivering reliable and quality networking solutions since 1947, Sanwa’s competitive talent advantage, deep-rooted commitment to offer exceptional network solutions, and its superlative customer engagement strategy has raised the bar in the telecommunication industry. From the early days of developing switchboards to partnering with NTT—the largest telecommunication company in Japan—Sanwa had a swift kick-start with the manufacturing and supply of optical connectivity solutions to industries since 1980. With changing times, the spiraling data traffic and the struggle to manage convoluted network systems the company has evolved to meet organizations’ need for innovative yet cost-effective network solutions. Today, Sanwa brings to bear its expertise and experience in optical component designs and high precision product manufacturing to successfully address the complex networking challenges. “We provide feature-rich, high-density data center optical connectivity solutions to support the high speed, high capacity data network of tomorrow,” says Yasuo Ishii, President, and CEO, Sanwa.

Sanwa’s product line includes an array of electrical and optical interconnect components and systems ranging from various high-density, high-performance optical cables to assembly service tools. The latest addition of state-of-the-art Multi-fiber Push-On components to their product portfolio makes the company a leading highly-advanced fiber cable solutions provider. These highly-integrated products cater to the growing demands in the Fiber to the Home (FTTH), data centers, and mobile broadband network applications. Besides, the firm also caters to high-performance optical connectivity components in medical and industrial applications and weatherproof ruggedized optical components for outdoor and vehicular applications.

An example of Sanwa’s product implementation is its dust-proof shuttered connectivity solutions that have proven success in a variety of data centers. The firm provides its clients with some of the highest density optical connector and adapter components with protection against optical interface end-surface contaminations. Many network and data center operators have been able to reduce contamination issues during the installation and maintenance, resulting in less network downtime and more profitability.

Sanwa differentiates itself with its commitment to support customers with the custom development of OEM components/systems and standard optical network connectivity solutions. Besides delivering industry-leading superior quality and performance to meet growing expectations, Sanwa attributes the core foundation of its performance and innovation to its employees and partners who help the company serve its customers better. Furthermore, the firm’s customer-centric business strategy has allowed many companies to do more while saving time and cost.

On a macro scale, Sanwa has made a significant contribution to bringing quality networking services to consumers with its easy-to-install solutions, enabled by its dust-proof shuttered wall plates and patch cable assemblies. These products provide safe, hassle-free installations for consumers while saving service providers installation-related service costs.

With engineering excellence rooted in its vision, Sanwa remains on top of the game delivering products and services through unparalleled user experiences. In addition to its vast lineup of optical connectivity components, Sanwa is also expanding its business to cater to the emerging needs of local plant networking, factory automation, and other controls-related applications. Alongside its wide-array of passive optical components, the active devices also help to expand business relationships with its customers by extending the firm’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities into integrated optical systems.

Apart from its presence in Japan and the U.S., Sanwa plans to expand its wing to other main markets including Europe. “As the global data communication usage increases with FTTx, fifth-generation, Internet of Things, and autonomous vehicles, we focus on covering global markets, delivering products on time and reinforcing them with our high-end engineering and sales support,” concludes Yasuo.

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