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We are pleased to be recognized by Lightwave Innovation Reviews as winner for our FTTH products.

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Sanwa Electronics has serviced the industry for over 70 years as an innovative electrical and optical connectors manufacturer.
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LC Pro-SlideX All-in-One offers ease of use through tool-less reverse polarity, push pull tabs, and more.

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Sanwa has been at the forefront of fiber optic industry by engineering and manufacturing connectivity solutions since 1947. Sanwa’s product range spans from LC connectors to FTTH solutions such as optical rosettes and fiber optic wall outlets.

Sanwa’s experience in engineering and manufacturing has established global partnerships across various industries including medical, automation, data centers, and more.

Endless Fiber-Optic Connectivity Solutions

Endless Fiber-Optic Connectivity Solutions

Servicing Technology Demands for 70 Years

We are committed to be the best global provider of superior fiber optic components, and understand the specific requirements and challenges our customers face.  We strive to develop a unique technology with your concerns in mind to deliver a result that leads to a mutual success.